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Our Products — Customization

Intuitive and seamless UI customization.

Our user interface has been meticulously designed to cater to an extensive network and facilitate seamless social interactions. We have incorporated sophisticated administrative functions that empower creators to effortlessly customize the UI according to their envisioned platform

Web-UI Notifications
Web-UI Reactions
The Platform – Overview

A modern broadcasting platform

Our platform is purpose built for modern broadcasting - utilize proven methods for generating revenue, engaging with your audience, and distributing your content across platforms with our vast library of integrations, and technical support.

The Platform – OTT Integrations

OTT channels for all platforms

Beautifully designed, thoughtfully executed - has taken the headache out of creating an interactive experience for your audience on the television screen.

From the start to an entire network

The platform will enable you to grow from one podcast to 1,000. Grow at your own pace - we're here to support you.

Tier 01


The power of an international broadcast and streaming organization with enough bandwidth and transcoding to start building your network.

Tier 02


With Growth, you can begin automating your content lifecycle. Post once and let our integrations post your content on social media and other platforms for you.

Tier 03


Custom configure your user experience across platforms, incorporate your own applications and integrate video retailing tools from our broadcast media platform.

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