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Robust interface for branding and user engagement

Our user interfaces have been intricately designed to meet the demands of a expanding network. Our feature add-ons gracefully foster user engagement while dynamically adapting as you introduce additional features or capabilities.

Web-UI Home Design
Web-UI Reactions
Web-UI Notifications

Community Web App

The Broadcasting community app offers all the features you'd expect from a community platform, along with a few additional ones. Your followers can create customized accounts, post comments, submit reactions, even post their own content! You're are in control, we're here to support you.

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Web app / add-on / reactions

Capture & poll user sentiment

The Broadcasting Reactions add-on is readily equipped with versatile reaction sets including 5-star ratings, up and down votes, and a variety of emojis. It simplifies the creation of user polls and enables efficient review of the results.

Web app / add-on / notifications

Notify & engage with your users

The Broadcasting Notification add-on is readily equipped to handle real-time commenting and engagements. Comment moderation tools included.

Modern Media Web App

The broadcasting media theme offers a unique video and podcast focused modern broadcasting web app. Uniquely designed for desktop, tablet, and mobile viewing by your audience.

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Web app / add-on / comments

Building conversational bridges through comments

Unlock the power of meaningful interactions with our comments add-on, empowering users to share their thoughts, ideas, and feedback seamlessly.

products / add-ons

Add-ons to grow your network


Introducing our platform's dynamic content reaction feature, allowing users to express their sentiments through a range of reactions.


Unlock the power of meaningful interactions with our comments add-on, empowering users to share their thoughts, ideas, and feedback seamlessly.


Amplify your content's reach with our social media sharing add-on, enabling seamless integration with all major platforms.


Track views, engagement, and audience behavior to make data-driven decisions and optimize your content strategy.


Unlock new growth opportunities for your business with our website advertising feature. Easily incorporate ads from top industry suppliers.

Following & notification

Receive timely alerts for new show updates, episode releases, and user profile changes, keeping you informed and engaged with every fresh development.

products / ott design

Stream your content on TV

Introducing's OTT suite of channels – a unique and powerful solution tailored for effortless integration. We've meticulously crafted these channels, eliminating the challenges of development so you can focus on what matters most. Customize it with your branding, colors, and logo, and let your content shine.

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products / ott platforms

Channels for every platform

Adding new channels or expanding to major OTT platforms becomes a seamless process, allowing creators to focus on their content.

Choose the right package to grow your business

From time savings to expanded reach, enhanced productivity, real-time updates, tailored workflows, and streamlined collaboration -- Our platform empowers you to create, distribute, and engage like never before.

Tier 01


The power of an international broadcast and streaming organization with enough bandwidth and transcoding to start building your network.

Tier 02


With Growth, you can begin automating your content lifecycle. Post once and let our integrations post your content on social media and other platforms for you.

Tier 03


Custom configure your user experience across platforms, incorporate your own applications and integrate video retailing tools from our broadcast media platform.

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