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One platform, endless possibilities

Our broadcasting platform serves as a foundational hub for all your valuable content. Building on this, we enhance your audience engagement through dynamic websites, OTT channels, live streams, seamless third-party integrations, and versatile mobile applications.

Choose the right package to grow your business

From time savings to expanded reach, enhanced productivity, real-time updates, tailored workflows, and streamlined collaboration -- Our platform empowers you to create, distribute, and engage like never before.

Tier 01


The power of an international broadcast and streaming organization with enough bandwidth and transcoding to start building your network.

Tier 02


With Growth, you can begin automating your content lifecycle. Post once and let our integrations post your content on social media and other platforms for you.

Tier 03


Custom configure your user experience across platforms, incorporate your own applications and integrate video retailing tools from our broadcast media platform.

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Simple and powerful administration

Manage a single podcast or a network that rivals Netflix. Swipe left to see more images.

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Platform / Features

Revolutionize the way you deliver content

Led by industry veterans, Broadcasting Inc. empowers you to create a comprehensive media network that encompasses video, podcasts, articles, live streams, events, and product sales—all thoughtfully designed to elevate your media journey.

Distributed Video Streaming

By leveraging automation, multiple clouds, owned Nvidia GPU powered transcoding data center, and service layer deployment technology - We ensure your media content remains secure, censorship-resistant, and always accessible to your audience.

Future-Proof Assurance

Our distributed approach guarantees that your website, mobile apps, TV apps, and platform will consistently deliver content without any external influence.

All-in-One Media Network

From captivating videos to engaging podcasts, insightful articles, immersive live streams, and unforgettable events, Broadcasting Inc. empowers you to deliver a diverse and seamless media experience to your audience.

Thoughtful Design by Industry Veterans

Our platform is thoughtfully designed by media industry veterans who understand the unique needs and challenges of content creators and media organizations.

End-to-End Control

Customize your content, manage access permissions, and maintain ownership of your intellectual property. Enjoy the freedom to shape your broadcasting experience as you envision it.

Enhanced Engagement and Monetization

Maximize audience engagement with interactive live streams, real-time discussions, and community-building features. Broadcasting Inc. offers various monetization options, enabling you to capitalize on your content's value while fostering a loyal and supportive audience.

Comprehensive Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your media performance with our advanced analytics. Measure audience engagement, track content reach, and optimize your media strategy based on data-driven decisions.

Integrate with Over 6,000 apps

Effortlessly distribute your media content to a vast network of over 6,000 services, including social media platforms, content aggregators, and partner websites.

Live Streams from your VOD Library

Broadcasting Inc. empowers you to repurpose your pre-recorded content into real-time experiences, engaging your audience in dynamic discussions, and foster deeper connections with your viewers.

Integrate with over 6,000 applications

Automate the busywork, so you can focus on your job, not your tools. From time savings to expanded reach, enhanced productivity, real-time updates, tailored workflows, and streamlined collaboration, our platform empowers you to create, distribute, and engage like never before.

Platform / automation

Enhance Your Experience through automation


Broadcasting Inc. streamlines the integration of various media platforms, enabling organizations to effortlessly connect and automate tasks across their content ecosystem.

Time Savings

Automate routine broadcasting tasks, such as content distribution, notifications, and data synchronization, saving you valuable time and effort.

Expand Reach

Seamlessly share your broadcasts across multiple platforms, social media channels, and email marketing services to amplify your content's visibility.

Enhanced Productivity

Automate complex broadcasting workflows, enabling your team to focus on creativity and strategic initiatives while ensuring consistent and timely execution.

Real-Time Updates

Keep your broadcasting data in sync across connected applications, ensuring that the latest information is always readily available.

Tailored Workflows

Customize Broadcasting Inc.'s integrations to meet your specific needs and industry requirements, creating a bespoke solution for your unique broadcasting operations.

Streamlined Collaboration

Collaborators can easily access and contribute to media content, ensuring efficient teamwork, faster decision-making, and a cohesive broadcasting experience.

Platform / Security

Built on the principles of decentralization and future-proofing

Our Broadcasting Cloud (BC) was designed from day one to be cloud-agnostic. To ensure service reliability, we've taken extra measures. can deploy our entire cloud to any region, on any provider. This includes hardware owned by or the customer, ensuring uninterrupted service.

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